Decades of being local

60 Years ago, Kent and Jeri Beckstrom were married. The day after they came home from their honeymoon Kent went to work and came home early. He said "I QUIT MY JOB". Jeri was Ok with it - she had a good job working for the FBI as a stenographer. Kent continued the conversation "But I stopped and got another job. At Albertsons". Kent had one more class to graduate as an engineer and the class wasn't available until the next year. So he took on this new job to get by.

By the time the class was available, he was a third man at Albertsons. And soon, he was the youngest store manager that Albertsons had ever had at 24. He loved the grocery business. After several years at Albertsons he knew he wanted to have his own store or stores.

Fast forward - Kent and Jeri had four children. Their oldest son, Kelly, was very involved in the business. Kelly went to college and before long went to Kent and said "Dad I know what I want, I want to work in the grocery business and be your partner".

Kent bought a little mom and pop grocery store and handed the keys to Kelly and told him to see what he could do. Kelly ordered, he stocked, he checked, he cut meat, ground hamburger, and did the produce. We worked long hours, just like his father. He tripled the business.

For years, the family built, bought, and sold stores throughout Northern Utah. From Ephraim to Tremonton, the Beckstrom Family has made a difference in communities for over 40 years.

From a small grocery store in Plain City called 'Plain City Market' to their newest store built 41 years later in Plain City, they're now known as the best in service and quality. With stores in Tremonton, Brigham City, Roy and Plain City, they serve thousands of people every day.

With a rich history of service and experience, they're here to serve you too. Come check out what sets Kent's Market apart!